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Turkish Airlines finds a way to work around electronics ban

25th March 2017 As extra security measures on UK inbound planes are introduced, Turkish Airlines says it has a solution to the issue.
Electronic devices such as laptops and tablets, must be placed in checked-in baggage on flights to the US or UK, from today.

Mobile phones and medical devices, however,...
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US to ban laptops and tablets on flights from eight countries (incl. Turkey)

21st March 2017 UPDATEDThe US & NOW THE UK is banning electronic devices from cabin baggage on flights from eight mainly Middle Eastern and North African countries.
A US government source told the BBC that the measure would affect nine airlines operating out of 10 airports.
US media reported the order was...
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The Turquoise Card finally gets Approved - Turkey

20th March 2017 Great News for foreigners in Turkey!!Following an earlier article about the New Turquoise Card we are pleased to announce that the The NEW Turquoise Card has been finally published on the official gazzette on 14.03.2017. This means applications can now be accepted. Please contact YellAli to learn...
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Turkey-Netherlands row: Dutch warn citizens after Erdogan threat

13th March 2017 The Netherlands has warned its citizens over travel to Turkey as a row between the countries shows no sign of abating.
Germany, Austria and the Netherlands blocked Turkish attempts to hold rallies in those countries.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed retaliation, saying: "Nazism is...
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What is the diplomatic row between Turkey and the Netherlands about?

12th March 2017
Turkey and the Netherlands are engaged in an escalating diplomatic row after two Turkish ministers were prevented from attending campaign rallies in Rotterdam.
It has led to terse rhetoric between the governments and sparked protests in both countries.

What is the row about?Turkey is...
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Turkey targeting foreign patients with new city hospitals

6th March 2017 The Turkish government is starting the “second phase in its transformation of the health sector” with a view to attracting patients from abroad, according to Health Minister Recep Akdağ. The country will attract foreign patients with new city hospitals, designed to attract not only...
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Turkey house sales soar in January

6th March 2017 Purchases via mortgaged loans were up 35.4 percent from the same month of 2016
House sales in Turkey surged 12.8 percent in first month of 2017 from a year earlier, official data revealed on Friday. In January 2017, 95,389 houses were sold, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. Purchases...
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Turkish parliament passes law eliminating VAT for foreign property buyers

27th February 2017 Turkey’s parliament has approved an omnibus law which introduced an exemption of 18 percent of value-added tax (VAT) for foreigners who invest in real estate in Turkey. The law, which was passed by parliament late on Feb. 23, will also be applicable to Turks who live and work abroad for...
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Turkish lira rebounds thanks to central bank actions

21st February 2017 The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), which has been making proactive moves since Jan. 12, has apparently reduced the volatility in the exchange rates, as it became the most important actor in the Turkish lira's (TL) appreciation against the dollar by 8.3 percent. The CBRT's ongoing...
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Antalya dives into tourist season with new submarine attraction

19th February 2017 Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu made a trial dive with the new touristic submarine "Nemo Primero" in Antalya.
During its inaugural dive, the submarine went 20 meters under the sea near "Rat Island" off the shore of the Turkish Mediterranean city of Antalya.
Governor Karaloğlu along...
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