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Cumhuriyet Mah. Likya İş Merkezi Kat:1 No:112
Muğla, 48300
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Protect your home and possessions against fire, flood and theft for complete security and peace of mind whether you are the owner or tenant.

* Buildings insurance

* Earthquake ( DASK -A legal requirement)

* Home contents

Protect your car against collision, fire and theft. Be secure even when the unexpected happens.

* Traffic insurance ( the legally required government insurance)

* Private car insurance ( fully comprehensive)

* Green Card – the insurance to take your vehicle out of Turkey

Protect yourself and your loved ones by providing complete security in ill-health. Don’t take the risk of facing high health bills alone and unsupported.

* Private health insurance

* Accident insurance ( n’olur n’olmas – ‘Just in case’ Insurance)

* Critical diseases insurance

Other insurance cover :

* Travel insurance

* Yacht insurance

* Life insurance

Corporate Insurances – we are aware of your corporate responsibilities and the importance of providing security for your employees and your business interests.

* Employer Corporate Health Insurances

* Employer financial liability Insurance

* Theft Insurance

* Glass breakage Insurance

* 3rd person financial liability Insurance

* Commodity Insurance

* Securities transportation insurance

* Electronic devices insurance

* Machinery breakdown insurance

* Contractor all risk insurance

* Office Insurance Package – you can safeguard your office against many types of dangers through a single policy that offers comprehensive guarantee in many disasters like Fire, Flood, Storm, Landslide, etc.
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