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Ramadan 2017 - Are you Ready ?

23rd May 2017 Ramadan (Ramazan) will begin in the evening of Friday , May 26How will this affect Tourists?For tourists holidaying in Turkey you will most likely not notice any differences, nor be affected by the holy month of Ramadan. As in tourist areas it’s pretty much business as usual, with restaurants...
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23rd May 2017 TEMPORARY IMPORTATION OF A PRIVATE VEHICLE – AN OPTION FOR CERTAIN FOREIGNERSForeigners residing in Turkey are allowed to bring their private vehicle along for the time of their stay provided they are students, retired or hold a valid work permit.The so-called Mavi Karne (Blue Carnet) or,...
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18th May 2017 I. Capital Companies: Limited Liability Partnership and Joint Stock Corporations According to the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 (“TCC”), a joint stock corporation (“JSC”) and a limited liability partnership (“LLP”) can be established with one or more...
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Finding Reliable Traders in Turkey - Direct advice from expats!

2nd May 2017 We have encouraged our YellAli members to share their horror stories with us of rogue traders in Turkey. Here are some examples of feedback we have received , which in turn will help other expats who are looking for reliable tradesmen in Turkey.
 Recommendation, Recommendation, Recommendation!In...
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VPN Usage in Turkey

27th April 2017 The CensorshipIn the year 2007, Turkey passed an Internet Censorship law that signified a major shift in internet usage in the country. The restriction was meant to ‘regulate’ and ‘clean’ the internet from undesirable content, with the declared objective of protecting...
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Consumer Protection Law in Turkey - know your rights

12th April 2017 The Consumer Protection Law (the “CPL”) applies not only to the sale of products, but also to services rendered for customers, excluding commercial or professional activities.  For example, If  a customer hires an electrician to render services at his/her house, the CPL will...
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Dealing with dishonest tradesmen in Turkey - 10 signs they’re bad news

12th April 2017 How can you tell if the guy you’ve hired to repair your home is a legitimate registered trader?  Watch out for the warning signs and look out for tradesmen’s who…   1. Offer very cheap quotes or estimates, as this could be an indication that they are a ‘rogue...
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Overview : Hiring Workers in Turkey

10th April 2017 If you own a company in Turkey or will establish a company in Turkey, you may be considering employing local staff.Please see our guide below:- SalaryThe national minimum wage which is 1777,50 TL gross for locals (companies can not pay below this figure) If foreigners are employed the salary...
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21st March 2017 BUYING/SELLING PROPERTY IN TURKEY: GUIDE FOR FOREIGNERS   1. Legal Basis:   In accordance with the Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, amended by Law No. 6302, which came into force on 18 May 2012, the condition of reciprocity for foreigners who wish to buy...
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Everything you need to know about SGK - Turkey

14th March 2017 What is SGK?SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) is the name of the Turkish state’s social security system. One division of SGK is GSS (Genel Sağlık Sigortası) or Universal Health Insurance. In 2012, a new law came into force providing that every resident of Turkey must be covered by GSS, unless...
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