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8 Tips for booking your online Turkish Residence Permit Application

3rd January 2017 Are you trying to complete your Turkish residence permit application by yourself? And is it driving you mad with errors and glitches? ……Are you going to pay someone else to do it for you? NO, ok let’s push on and see what else you can do…Find your error below:-1....

Buying Property in Turkey – The Most Important Things to Know

26th November 2016 Buying a property in your own country can be challenging enough so you can imagine the complexity when you take that to a foreign country. Thankfully YellAli is here to assist you. Let’s look at some of the important things you need to know about Buying a PropertyBuying a property in Turkey...

New Legislation About Tax Base Increase

30th October 2016 GOOD NEWS FROM TURKEY-NEW LEGISLATION ABOUT TAX BASE INCREASE There has been a new legislation announced in Turkey. This law provides the following amenities to businesses . 1- Restructring debts Your company can restructure unpaid past period tax and SSI payments up to 18 months and also benefit...

Turkish Residence Permit - The most common mistakes people make

24th October 2016 Turkish Residence Permit - This is an essential document to have if you are planning on living in Turkey. But what are the most common mistakes people make applying for a residence permit.Let's explore them here :-1. Passport Validity - It's suprising just how many people do not realise their...

TEKNOKENT CONCEPT IN TURKEY - Technology Development Zones (TDZs)

11th October 2016 Technology Development Zones (TDZs) The support for the establishment of Technology Parks of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology which is an on-going measure that act upon the importance of establishing strong linkages between the private sector and the research community came into force...

Getting Married in Turkey – Everything You Need To Know

10th October 2016 Getting married is complex, that’s a statement both brides and grooms will agree with but it’s an experience people will remember for the rest of their lives and getting married in a Turkey is an unforgettable experience that many people whether they’re tourists or expats dream...


30th September 2016 FREE ZONE CONCEPT IN TURKEY Free zones are defined as special sites within the country but deemed to be outside of the customs borders and they are the regions where the valid regulations to foreign trade and other financial and economic laws are not applicable. CRITERIA IN ESTABLISHING A FREE ZONE...

Turkey’s new Residency law for 2016: See how you are affected

19th September 2016 ***UPDATED***New amendments to the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 where added on August 13th 2016.
The amendments to the law now mean the following changes have happened:
·       Short term residence permits now allow you to stay in...

Turkish Citizenship - Do you Qualify for TC ?

5th July 2016 Becoming a Turkish Citizen is different from just having a Turkish Residence Permit, as it entitles you to benefits such as; Working Rights, Turkish Pension, the right to Vote, and obtaining a Turkish Passport.So if you are you considering applying for TC citizenship, what are the grounds on which...

Turkish Citizenship - Becoming a TC and choosing a Turkish Name

20th June 2016 So your'e thinking of becoming a Turkish Citizen? You may already be thinking about a Turkish name you may like to adopt ? We thought it would be fun to list the most popular names in Turkey.Here is the list of the most common and popular names given to boys and girls in the last 10 years,...
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