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Turkish house sales surge by 10 percent in March

24th April 2017 With 128,923 unit sales in March, house sales in Turkey have increased by 10 percent in March compared to same month last year, while the monthly increase stood at 27 percent, according to data... Read more

EU could rethink Turkey ties: commissioner

24th April 2017 Brussels (AFP) - The EU warned membership candidate Turkey on Monday of a review and possible "redefinition" of ties after a referendum granted President Recep Tayyip Erdogan extra powers. The... Read more

Turkey referendum: What the result means for British holidaymakers

20th April 2017 Turkish citizens voted to give the country’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sweeping new powers in a national referendum held on April 16. The result means President Erdogan has the authority... Read more

Turkey referendum: Vote expanding Erdogan powers 'valid'

17th April 2017 The Yes vote in the referendum that grants sweeping new powers to the president of Turkey is valid, the head of the electoral body says. Sadi Guven was speaking after the main opposition Republican... Read more

Real Life - Bad Experiences With Tradesmen in Turkey

17th April 2017 Bad experiences with tradesman can happen everywhere, and Turkey is no exception. Dealing with dodgy builders can vary, but they are all sure to be stressful situations you’ll want to... Read more

Turkish referendum: all you need to know

11th April 2017 What’s the story and why does it matter? Turks will go to the polls on 16 April to vote on constitutional amendments that would transform the country from a parliamentary democracy into a... Read more

Dishonest traders in Turkey could give you a shock in more ways than one

10th April 2017 Thousands of unregistered ‘electricians’ could be risking your safetyWarmer temperatures mean cranking up the air-con or turning on the solar water heaters, but how do you know that by... Read more

SGK just made big changes to Turkish Universal Health Insurance

4th April 2017   From 1st April 2017 the Universal Health Insurance premium (Genel Sağlık Sigortası) for Turkish citizens has been lowered. The premium payment is now 53.33 tl per month. All Turkish citizens... Read more

European tourists continue to prefer Turkey for vacation

3rd April 2017 Regardless of recent tensions between Turkey and some EU countries, European tourists continue to prefer Turkey as a popular holiday destination with the number of bookings from Germany, the U.K. and... Read more halts reservations in Turkey after court decision

30th March 2017 The Netherlands-based travel fare aggregator website on March 30 began to halt selling rooms in Turkey to Turkish users, one day after a court decision to block the website in the... Read more

Turkey planning to offer Russians passport-free travel

27th March 2017 Jumpstarted by the agreement reached with Ukraine for passport-free travel between the two countries with new identity cards, negotiations for a similar application between Turkey and Russia have... Read more

Turkish Airlines finds a way to work around electronics ban

25th March 2017 As extra security measures on UK inbound planes are introduced, Turkish Airlines says it has a solution to the issue. Electronic devices such as laptops and tablets, must be placed in checked-in... Read more

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